Recyclers Volunteers

Some of Russell Recyclers volunteers who set up and monitored the recycle stations for the Russell Birdman Festival.

Russell Recyclers was formed nearly five years ago and has supplied recycling ‘ambassadors’ for a number of events in the Far North to educate the public on how to correctly dispose of waste. They have also investigated other avenues to improve waste minimisation and recycling in the area.

Russell Recyclers has encouraged organisers of events to use compostable plates and cutlery. A local marae has adopted the policy for large-scale events and several local eateries are now offering compostable cups and plates for take-away coffee and meals.

Russell Recyclers recently formed a legal entity called the Resilient Russell Charitable Trust and is working hard to further promote and educate the Far North public about environmentally sound waste management. 

The trust intends to work with Council and other businesses (such as Northland Waste and Innocent Packaging) to improve recycling, composting, and to implement waste minimisation practices in Russell Peninsula and surrounds.

Improved recycling and waste management, motivated and implemented by the community, will significantly contribute towards Russell’s resilience and ongoing sustainability.

Russell faces dwindling school roles, it’s difficult for young families to make a living locally and there’s an ageing permanent population. Our community has much to gain from a vibrant, active, sustainable community enterprise.

By establishing the Trust, we aim to create employment and training opportunities and contribute towards generating additional community wealth that remains local while at the same time keeping our town looking beautiful. It will have a significant and beneficial environmental impact - ensuring our position as socially responsible kaitiaki (caretakers) of the environment for future generations.